Seal fur mittens (unisex adult)


These seal fur mittens are very warm and fit for living in the Arctic! Traditional hand-sewing techniques are used to create a special 3-dimensional curved shape in every pair for optimal comfort that will last for years to come.

The seal furs are harvested from Nunavut by Inuit hunters. Families in the community make use of the seal meat, and the skin is shipped down south to be professionally tanned in a factory. The seals are hunted responsibly and there is no waste, so you can wear the mittens guilt-free!

For more details, see the ‘Sustainable Fur‘ section.

See ‘Description’ below for sizing information. *Submit hand measurements in order note*

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NOTE: Seal skin products cannot be exported to the USA, European Union, Mexico, or Taiwan

1) Seal skin (sustainable Nunavut harvested ringed seal, professionally tanned. Each mitten’s colouring and ringed patterning will vary as no two seal animals are the same. If you prefer a darker/lighter, more ringed or more uniform colouring aesthetic, please include a message regarding your preferences upon ordering.)
2) Palm: suede or polished leather in various colours
3) Cuffing:  coyote fur, fox fur, muskrat, seal skin band. (Note: beaver fur may be available upon request -send enquiry)
4) Lining: fleece + Solari (foil-like, aka Insul-Bright)  insulates the mittens. (upgrades: 100% thick wool material or full shearling)

Processing time: All mittens are handmade, made-to-order. Please allow up to 3 weeks to ship (this may change during the Christmas holiday season).

Size S-M is for hand measurements that are no greater than 7.5 inches in length or width.

Size L-XL is for hand measurements that are no greater than 10.5 inches in length or width.

Size XXL+ is for hand measurements that are greater than 10.5 inches in length or width.

Measurements Required:

The following measurements will be requested upon ordering to create a custom fit for your mittens (*Submit hand measurements in order note*):

  1. Hand width/circumference: wrap a measuring tape around your palm and do not include your thumb within the measuring tape
  2. Hand length: measure from the wrist crease (exactly at the base of your palm) to the tip of the longest finger

Please note that accurate measurements are crucial. Once production begins, you may not alter the size due to the high cost of the materials. Once production begins, the materials are cut to suit the measurements provided and the size cannot be altered. You will be charged for the cost of the cutting a new size if you choose to have the mittens re-made with new measurements. You may be asked to submit a photo of the measurements (measuring tape wrapped around the hand)  if the numbers sound disproportionate.

Note: all mittens are sized for ‘comfort fit’ so they are not snug. They are sized to make it easy to slip on and off, hands-free, by swinging them off with some force.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 30 x 25 x 10 cm



Coyote Fur (shades of brown), Fox Fur (white), Seal Fur (flat strip), Muskrat (dark brown)


Fleece+Solari, 100% Thick Wool Material, 100% Shearling


Black (suede), Black (leather), Medium Brown (suede), Medium Brown (leather), Red (Suede)


Sustainable Seal Fur. Quality Craftsmanship.