‘LUNA’ Seal Fur Purse


Our ‘LUNA’ purse is made from sustainable Inuit-harvested seal fur from the Canadian arctic. Read more about sustainable sealing HERE.

As each seal pelt varies in appearance, the level of gradient as well as the ringed pattern will vary, but all are equally as sleek and shiny! Requests for a specific shade of fur are welcome!

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The exterior features seal fur on the front, suede on the back and leather along the perimeter. The interior features an inner pouch and is an all leather interior (no fabric lining).

The purse comes with two bronze metal chain straps: a 48 inch cross-body length and 15 inch hand-held length.

Size: The diameter (crosswise measurement) is 9 inches. The depth is about 1.75 inches.  The zipper length is 9 inches.  (Custom sizing  is available – submit an enquiry)

NOTE: Seal skin products cannot be exported to the USA, European Union, Mexico, or Taiwan

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 4 cm

Seal Fur, leather, suede


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Sustainable Seal Fur. Quality Craftsmanship.
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