California Love

You know how they say LA is full of talent? Well, it’s true! I have always been very fortunate to end up with a fantastic team, and SoCal was no exception!

In any fashion show, the people behind or in the clothing is what actually gives the clothes purpose and style. Often times everything that happens before the actual show moment is overlooked, yet it is the most important part! So, I’d like you to meet my California dream team:

First and foremost, is our photographic artist Lauren, of Lauren B Scott Studios (check out her instagram @laurenbscottstudios) who was truly great- people say this all the time, but the photos are stronger than my words, so I’ll let them speak for themselves. Beyond her technical photography skills, I was most impressed with how she captured the mood of the collection. I think there’s something to be said about that – being being able to connect with the designer as well as the collection and having the intuition to know how to portray the designs (and without any direction)  is a special skill. These behind the scenes photos are by far the best representations of the Designed by Beely aesthetic. The lead photograph on our homepage was also shot by Lauren 🙂

Our gorgeous models were made even moreso by our fantastic MUA Vanessa Rose (check out her instagram @vanessarosemua )! Runway shows are always a lot of fun, but behind the final product is a lot of unforseen challenges that the entire team must work around. Sometimes it’s a small issue such as cramped spaces, and other times it’s a complete lack of lighting, which was what our MUA faced! Armed with X-mas tree lights and an iPhone, Vanessa made it work, and with good spirits!

Last but not least, our models were not only beautiful, but were great to work with! They helped represent who the ‘Designed by Beely’ woman is – she is confident, graceful, with a bit of edge 🙂

Check them out on instagram at:

Thank you, team, for being part of the experience!

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